2D RPG adventure dedicated to making learning fun!

Help Translate the Game!

This page will guide you step by step through the (relatively) easy process of starting to translate the game! ^_^

Just remember, you don’t have to translate it all. Even just the menu’s translated would mean a lot!

  1. Download the Game
  2. Open the game folder and browse to the user/locale/ folder.
  3. Copy the en folder, paste it, and rename it to the name (or acronym) of the language you plan to translate the game into.
  4. Open the folder you have just made.
  5. Open the GameText.xml file with an XML Editor such as Notepad++ (free) or a normal text editor such as regular Notepad.
  6. Change the text! (follow the examples below)
  7. Load up the game, go to the Options menu, and flip through the languages until you find the one you’ve just made.
  8. Check to see if the changes actually show up. 😀
  9. Zip up the folder and give us the files by one of the following ways:
    1. Posting on http://reddit.com/r/syndorea
    2. E-mail info@behemyth.com
    3. Or upload the files somewhere and tweet us a link!


The bold text is the only type/place you should modify the text: <Text id=”WHATEVER”> Change This Only </Text>


Which means Japanese in Japanese. A bigger chunk, such as the Start Menu, would be: