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You can download official packs here.

Or check out our forum to see if anyone else has posted any.

Pack Breakdown


Description: If true (1), when a user answers a card wrong, the cards ranking is reset back to 0 (lowest ranking). If false (0), the cards ranking is dropped by 1.

Possible Values:

  • True (1)
  • False (0)


Description: The type of all the answers in this pack. All answers have to be the same type.

Possible Values:

  • text
  • image

Important Things to Know

  1. New cards are pulled off in the order they are in, inside the pack.
  2. Wrong choices are pulled from other cards the user has already studied if they are available. If there aren’t enough studied cards available (such as when first starting a pack), wrong choices are pulled randomly from the new cards of the pack.
  3. SRS is done via a 0-4 ranking system behind the scenes. 0 being the first rank all cards start in when first studied. Rank 4 being the highest it can go. The higher the rank, the less often a card is seen.
  4. The history file is first created when starting a new game. This is what actually stores all the history. The pack file doesn’t contain any of this, so that it can be shared around to others with ease.

Sharing a Pack

Obviously you can just send a copy of your pack to your friend. But if you want to share it with a wider audience, we’d really appreciate it if you’d upload it to somewhere, such as one of these places:

And then post a link on our forum. ^_^