2D RPG adventure dedicated to making learning fun!

Battle Components


The lifebar shows you your life. Monsters do not have life bars.


You’ll only ever fight one monster at a time. Monsters have various attacks which they will randomly use. Monsters at this time cannot heal.


The timer is the most important piece. It will start to count down the moment it shows you a question and if it reaches 0 before you answer, the currently selected answer is automatically submitted for you. The important thing to understand about the timer is that the more time you have, the more damage you do.


We’ve left the option very simple so that the focus is not on strategy of attacks but rather on utilizing the learning system that is built in.


Choosing Difficulty

You’ll only ever be asked to choose a difficulty level when you are attacking. The harder difficulty you choose, the less time you have to answer the question you’re about to receive. This matters a lot because the more time you have left after answering a question (correctly), the more damage you’ll do.

But wait! I know what you’re thinking, what advantage does choosing the Hard difficulty even give me? Why not always just choose easy? The harder the difficulty, the higher the possible max damage.


Attack animations are based on the amount of damage you do. The more damage you do, the more awesome of an attack. As you progress through the story, you’ll acquire many more attacks (animations)!


After Attacking or Healing, you’ll be Defending against the monsters attack. The faster you answer the question (correctly), the more damage you will block. If you answer incorrectly, you’ll get hit for the full amount.



If you answer correctly, you’ll see the main characters blocking animating. However, if you get the answer wrong, you’ll be forced to watch as you take full damage!


If you choose Heal, you’ll be immediately asked a question and just like for Attacking and Defending, the faster you answer (correctly), the more you’ll heal for.



Healing animations work similar to attack animations in that the more you heal for (from answering faster), you may see a more awesome healing animation. However, there is a ton more attacking animations than healing (for obvious reasons).

Answering a Question



As you can probably tell by now, while the game has a very simple interface and design, it is actually quite complex in its own ways. We knew that if we added this straight to a traditional RPG system, it would be too convoluted and complicated.

While we want the game to look and feel like an old school epic RPG game, the core mechanic we’re striving for is to making studying / doing flashcards more fun than ever before! Thus the reason behind that decision.