2D RPG adventure dedicated to making learning fun!


What is Syndorea?

Syndorea is an epic 2D RPG video game dedicated to making learning fun. Basically, we’ve simply swapped out the normal RPG battling system for a custom never before seen flashcard battle system. So when you run into battles, you will be asked questions from the flashcard desk that you chose when you first started the game. You will be asked a question not only when you attempt to attack or heal, but also when the enemy tries to attack you back. Based on if you answer the flashcard correctly (and how fast), determines how much damage you do/block/heal for, etc.

What languages is the game available in?

Syndorea’s framework behind the scenes supports most languages. However, the games story and menu’s must be translated for that language. Therefore, theoretically Syndorea can be available in every language so the cost factor of paying someone to translate it all into a new language is the main thing in the way. (The other issue is if the font we use doesn’t support that set of unicode characters, we have to acquire additional fonts specifically for that language.)

Currently, Syndorea (the demo) is available in these languages:

  1. English
  2. Japanese
  3. Russian

Japanese and Russian were very quickly translated by the team and shouldn’t represent the real translations we will end up doing. We just wanted to be able to put out an example of the game being able to be in a few languages.

What can I learn?

Pretty much whatever you can make out of normal flashcards, you can make and use with Syndorea. Right now we support both text and image flashcards.

Head on over to the Flashcard System page to find out more on how to create flashcard decks.

Why create this game?

When people think of fun, they tend to think of games. But when you think of educational games, you mostly think of the ones currently out which are either intended for very young children only or are pretty limited and boring. We thought to ourselves: Why in the world isn’t there something that combines the richness of an RPG (think Zelda, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, etc) and the learning functionality of an SRS system (think Anki)!? As such, we decided to make it ourselves.

So what does it cost?

We’re not completely sure yet. But it won’t be too expensive. ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Can I play this on my PC/Mac/Phone?

Currently the Syndorea demo works on PC only. This is because we wanted to use the first demo builds as a way to find the major bugs. If we built for Mac and Linux, we’d have to rebuild for all 3 every time.

Not to worry though! When we launch our Kickstarter in December, we plan to have a Windows, Mac, and Linux demo available. Please try not to judge the demo too harshly.  m(._.)m

We’re looking at creating an Android and iPhone/iPad version if we can get enough people interested in the game. It will be one of our Kickstarter goals. The biggest advantage we have going for us is that the way the re-sizing of the game already works, should make it much easier to make a clean looking version for mobile.

Who makes this game anyway?

This game is brought to you by Behemyth LLC, who’s goal is to make educational products that are actually fun to use.

You can find out more about Behemyth here.

Got a question not answered here?

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