2D RPG adventure dedicated to making learning fun!


Syndorea is a 2D RPG video game dedicated to making learning fun. Basically, we’ve simply swapped out the normal RPG battling system for a custom never before seen flashcard battle system. So when you run into battles, you will be asked questions from the flashcard deck that you chose when you first started the game. You will be asked a question not only when you attempt to attack or heal, but also when the enemy tries to attack you back. Based on if you answer the flashcard correctly (and how fast), determines how much damage you do/block/heal for, etc.

Every Language Possible

This game is aiming to change the way games limit themselves to what language they are available in. By allowing public access to any and all language (XML) files (such as game client and story), the community will have full access to make the game available in any other language.

Learn Anything

We've provided some basic flashcard packs (which can be text or images!) to get started but the whole point is that we've built it in such a way that you can make your own packs (or download others) so that you can learn anything you're interested in.

Cross Platform

The game will be available for PC, Mac, and even Linux! Mobile (Android and iPhone) versions will even be available, assuming we hit those Kickstarter goals. More on that later, once we launch our Kickstarter!

Real Gaming, Real Learning

When you think of educational games, you mostly think of the ones currently out which are either intended for very young children only or are pretty limited and boring. We thought to ourselves: Why in the world isn’t there something that combines the richness of an RPG (think Zelda, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, etc) and the learning functionality of an flashcard system.